News and Updates

12-14 Jan 2015 Annual group meeting at the Radio Astronomy Center, Ooty, taking stock of group research activities in 2014 and planning for 2015.
17-20 Feb 2015 Members presented talks and posters at 33rd Meeting of the Astronomical Society of India at the National Centre for Radio Astronomy, Pune.
March 2015 RFI survey in sparsely populated areas in Karnataka, India to identify relatively radio quiet locations for initial field testing of SARAS.
27 Mar 2015 Members presented talks at the Neighbourhood Astronomy Meeting at the Raman Research Institute, Bangalore.
15-17 Apr 2015 Members presented talks at the 2015 In-House meeting of the Raman Research Institute.
23-26 Jun 2015 National workshop on 'Cosmology with the 21-cm line' at the Raman Research Institute
3-14 Aug 2015 Ravi Subrahmanyan presented talk on 'Detecting signatures of cosmological recombination and reionization in the cosmic radio background' at IAU XXIX General Assembly, Honolulu, Hawaii.
7-11 Sep 2015 A. Raghunathan presented talk on 'Design of frequency independent profiled discone antenna for detecting spectral ripples from the epoch of recombination' at ICEAA IEEE-APS 2015, Turin, Italy.
11-16 July 2016 Workshop on 'CMB Spectral Distortions from Cosmic Baryon Evolution' at Raman Reserach Institute

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