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Experimental Projects
Gauribidanur Low Frequency Array
Mauritius Radio Telescope (MRT)
Navigation Satellite Position Measurement
Astrosat -LAXPC
Space Interferometer
Polarized X-rays from space
Sub-millimeterwave Telescope
Long wavelength astronomy with GMRT
Murchison Widefield Array
Light low-cost antennas
Molecules in Space
RRI receivers on GBT
Detecting CMB Spectral Distortions
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NAVigation satellite position measurement
This indigenous prototype system will be proof of concept for the measurement of satellite state vector components with rms accuracies close to 0.001 degree and 1 mm/s. The range will be available from a WAAS-enabled GPS receiver, and bright celestial radio sources will be used for the continuous calibration of the system.
The dynamic measurement of instantaneous orbits of satellites is one of the main requirements of a navigation satellite system like SNP. The reliability of such measurements is limited by the accuracies with which the ground systems can measure range and angles of the satellites. To know more about this Project, please contact Prof. C.R. Subrahmanya.
The LAXPC instrument is designed to have a large photon collection area in the broad energy range of 2-80 keV. In this broad energy band, the instrument is designed to have a high temporal resolution of 10 microsecond with similar absolute timing accuracy and moderate energy resolution. The high temporal resolution and large photon collection area will enable detailed study of high frequency features in X-ray light curves of bright and medium intensity point X-ray sources.

However, to make use of such high sensitivity for intensity variation studies, it is necessary to measure, understand, and minimize systematic uncertainties in the timing response of LAXPC detectors and processing electronic units.

In the Raman Research Institute, work on the timing and spectral calibration of the ASTROSAT-LAXPC instrument and development of the data reduction software is in progress at the X-ray astronomy laboratory.

For further details on this project please click here or contact Prof. Biswajit Paul.