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Experimental Projects
Gauribidanur Low Frequency Array
Mauritius Radio Telescope (MRT)
Navigation Satellite Position Measurement
Astrosat -LAXPC
Detecting CMB Spectral Distortions
Polarized X-rays from space
Sub-millimeterwave Telescope
Long wavelength astronomy with GMRT
Murchison Widefield Array
Molecules in Space
RRI receivers on GBT
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Space interferometer
A space array operating at very low frequencies would provide opportunity to investigate a broad range of phenomena, including Galactic non-thermal background, Galactic diffuse-free absorption, distribution of relativistic electrons in the Galactic disk, interstellar scattering and refraction, extragalactic sources, source spectra, and coherent emission.
These studies will be pursued by the A&A Group of the RRI using all-sky surveys at a set of frequency bands covering the range 0.3-40 MHz, which will be computed using data from the proposed space interferometer.
Detecting CMB Spectral Distortions
DISTORTION (Detection of Spectral signaTures of cOsmic baRyon evoluTION) is an experimental astronomy group at the Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, India. Our team brings together astronomers, graduate students, engineers and project students, all working towards the goal of building precise spectral radiometers to detect weak spectral distortions in the Cosmic Radio and Microwave Backgrounds arising from the Epochs of Recombination all the way to Reionization. The two experiments spearheading this effort are APSERa and SARAS. Click here for more...