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Experimental Projects
Gauribidanur Low Frequency Array
Mauritius Radio Telescope (MRT)
Navigation Satellite Position Measurement
Astrosat -LAXPC
Space Interferometer
Polarized X-rays from space
Sub-millimeterwave Telescope
Long wavelength astronomy with GMRT
Murchison Widefield Array
Light low-cost antennas
Molecules in Space
RRI receivers on GBT
Detecting CMB Spectral Distortions
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Light low-cost antennas
Large antenna arrays for highly sensitive detection of faint radio galaxies in the depths of space and far back in time inspire the creation of innovative low-cost and light-weight antenna designs.
For further details on this ongoing project please contact
Prof. UdayaShankar N.
Murchison Widefield Array
Far from cellphones and TV and FM stations, RRI astronomers and engineers have teamed up with partners in the US and Australia to create a new long wavelength radio telescope – the Murchison Widefield Array.

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