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Experimental Projects
Gauribidanur Low Frequency Array
Mauritius Radio Telescope (MRT)
Navigation Satellite Position Measurement
Astrosat -LAXPC
Space Interferometer
Polarized X-rays from space
Sub-millimeterwave Telescope
Long wavelength astronomy with GMRT
Murchison Widefield Array
Light low-cost antennas
Molecules in Space
RRI receivers on GBT
Detecting CMB Spectral Distortions
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Molecules in Space
A 10.4 m radio telescope is located in the RRI campus – it is being readied for a survey of spectral line emission from silicon monoxide molecules in stellar envelopes in the central parts of our Milky Way Galaxy – to study the dynamics of the spheroidal bulge component of our Galaxy. Click here for more...

Polarized X-rays from space
RRI astronomers are developing methods of detecting polarized X-rays from celestial bodies – to build X-ray instruments that can detect polarized X-rays, which will be launched into space, and open new eyes to celestial phenomena.
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