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Experimental Projects
Gauribidanur Low Frequency Array
Mauritius Radio Telescope (MRT)
Navigation Satellite Position Measurement
Astrosat -LAXPC
Space Interferometer
Polarized X-rays from space
Sub-millimeterwave Telescope
Long wavelength astronomy with GMRT
Murchison Widefield Array
Light low-cost antennas
Molecules in Space
RRI receivers on GBT
Detecting CMB Spectral Distortions
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RRI receivers on GBT
The Green Bank Telescope is operated by the US National Radio Astronomy Observatory. It is a 100-m fully steerable parabolic antenna that is the largest fully steerable antenna in the world. RRI has designed and built a dual-polarization wide-bandwidth feed covering 100-1500 MHz and a multi channel receiver that has been installed on the GBT.
Pulsars were observed with the RRI receiver on GBT with the science goal of making simultaneous high time and spectral resolution studies of pulsar emission at single-pulse level, opening possibility of tomography study of pulsar emission cone.Click here for more.
For further details, contact Prof. Avinash Deshpande.