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Journals Subscribed by RRI

             Aavishkar (Hindi Monthly) (Print)
             Advances in Physics (Online)
             American Journal of Physics (Print + Online)
             American Scientist (Print)
             Annals of Library and Information Studies (Print)
             Annals of Physics (Print + Online)
             Applied Physics Express (Print + Online)
             Applied Physics Letters ( Online 2000 Onwords)
             Astronomy (Print + Online)
             Astronomy and Astrophysics  (Print + Online)
             Astronomy and Geophysics (Online)
             Autocar India (Print)
             Bulletin of Materials Science (Academy Journal) (Print)
             Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society (Online)
             Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India (Print)
             Bulletin of the Indian Association of Physics Teachers (Print)
             Contemprary Physiscs (Online)
             Current Science (Academy Journal) (Print + Online)
             Dataquest (Print)
             DESIDOC Bulletin of Information Technology (Print)
             Digit (Print)
             Discover (Print)
             Displays (Print + Online)
             Down to earth (Print)
             Economic and Political Weekly (Print)
             The Economist (Print)
             EDN (Print)
             Electronic Design (Print)
             Electronics for You (Print)
             Electronics World (Print)
             Europhysics Letters (Print)
             Everyday Practical Electronics (Print)
             Flexible Substrate (Online)
             Fluctuation and Noise Letters  (Online)
             General Relativity and Gravitation  (Online)
             Gruhashoba (Hindi Bi-monthly) (Print)
             The Guardian Weekly (Print)
             Health and Nutrition (Print)
             IAU Circulars  (Online)
             IETE Journal of Research (Print)
             IETE Technical Review (Print)
             India Today (Print)
             India Today (Hindi Weekly) (Print)
             Indian Journal of Physics (Gratis) (Print)
             Indian Literature : Sahitya Akademi's Bi-monthly Journal (Print)
             Information Age (Print)
             Information Outlook (Print)
             International Journal of Modern Physics  D (Online)
             International Journal of Infrared & Millimeter Waves   (Online)
             International J Modern Phys A (Online)
             IOP Science (Online)
             Jantar Mantar (Print)
             Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Part 1 (Print + Online)
             Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy (Gratis)(Print + Online)
             Journal of Biosciences (Gratis) (Print + Online)
             Journal of Chemical Sciences (Gratis) (Print + Online)
             Journal of Earth System Science (Gratis) (Print + Online)
             Journal of Electronics Industry (Print)
             Journal of Genetics (Gratis) (Print + Online)
             Journal of Intellectual Property Rights (Print)
             Journal of Materials Chemistry  (Online)
             Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics & Materials (Online)
             Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines (Online)
             Kitplanes (Print)
             Laser & Particle Beams (Online)
             LINUX Journal (Print)
             Liquid Crystals (Print + Online)
             Machine Design (Print)
             Marg (Print)
             Mercury  (Online)
             Microwave Journal (Print)
             Microwaves & RF (Print)
             Modern Machine Tools (Print)
             Modern Physics Letter A (Online)
             Modern Physics Letter B (Online)
             Molecular Crystals & Liquid Crystals (Print + Online)
             Molecular Physics (Online)
             Monthly Notes of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa (Print)
             Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (Online)
             Nano Digest (Print)
             National Geographic (Print)
             Natural History  (Print)
             Nature (Print + Online)
             Nature Physics (Print + Online)
             New Astronomy (Print + Online)
             New Astronomy Reviews (Print + Online)
             New Scientist (Print)
             The New Yorker (Print)
             Observatory (Gratis) (Print)
             One India One People (Print)
             Open Source For You (Print)
             Optics Communications (Print + Online)
             Outlook (Print)
             PC Quest (Print)
             Physical Review Letters (Print + Online)
             Physics Education (Print)
             Physics Essays (Print + Online)
             Physics Letters A (Print + Online)
             Physics Letters B (Print + Online)
             Physics News (Print)
             Physics Reports (Print + Online)
             Physics Today (Print + Online)
             Physics World (Print)
             Popular Science (Print)
             Practical Wireless (Print)
             Pramana (Gratis) (Print + Online)
             Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (Print ) Online free : after 6 months
             Productivity News (Print)
             Progress of Theoretical Physics (Gratis) (Print)
             Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement (Gratis) (Print)
             Publications. of the Astronomical Society of Australia (Online)
             Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan (Print + Online)
             Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (Online)
             QST (Print)
             Radiouser (Print)
             Reader's Digest : Indian Edition (Print)
             Resonance: Journal of Science Education (Gratis) (Print + Online)
             Resurgence (Print)
             Review of Scientific Instruments (Print + Online 2000 Onwards)
             Revista Mexicana de Astronomia y Astrofisica (Gratis) (Print)
             Revista Mexicana de astronomia y astrofisica (Gratis) (Print)
             Sadhana - Academy Proceedings in Engineering Sciences (Gratis) (Print + Online)
             Sanctuary (Print)
             Sarita (Hindi Bi-monthly) (Print)
             Satellite and Cable TV (Print)
             Science (Print + Online) (Print)
             Science News (Print)
             Science Reporter (Print)
             Scientific American (Print)
             Sky & Telescope (Print)
             Soft Materials  (Online)
             Soft Matter   (Online)
             SRELS Journal of Information Management (Print)
             The Astronomical Journal  (Online)
             The Astrophysical J Supp Series   (Online)
             The Astrophysical Journal  (Online)
             The European Phys Journal B  (Online)
             The European Phys Journal D  (Online)
             The European Phys Journal E  (Online)
             The Mathematical Intelligencer  (Online)
             Time (Print)
             The Week (Print)
             Yoga: The Science (Print)
             Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung "A" (Physical Sciences) (Print)

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