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Prof. Ramesh Narayan

Prof. Ramesh Narayan(25th September 1950) joined RRI as Scientific officer in the Astronomy and Astrophysics group in 1978. He served at RRI untill he join California Institute of Technology, USA in 1983.

Early Years and Education

Professor Narayan was born to Prof. G. N. Ramachandran  and Smt. Rajalakshmi Ramachandran on September 25, 1950 at Bombay. He completed his graduation in BSc Physics in 1971 from Madras University and MSc Physics in 1973 from Bangalore University and acquired Ph.D. in 1979 from Bangalore University.


Prof. Narayan started his career as a scientific officer in Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, in Sept. 1978. He left the RRI in 1983 to take up the Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Caltech, USA.

Scientific Work

During his tenure at RRI, Professor Narayan carried out theoretical research in a number of areas: ionic crystals, X-ray crystallography, radio pulsars, Maximum Entropy image reconstruction, black holes, accretion disk funnels, and gravitational lensing.

Awards & Distinctions

Prof. Ramesh Narayan was conferred Young Associate Award of Indian Academy of Sciences during 1983-1986.


Prof.Narayan's hobbies are playing Bridge, Cricket and Carnatic music.

Born 25th September 1950, Bombay, India.
Field: Crystallography, Theoretical Astrophysics
Institutions Raman Research Institute, Bangalore
Alma mater Bangalore University
Awards Young Associate Award,
Indian Academy of Sciences, 1983-1986

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