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Prof. K R Anantharamaiah

Prof. Kuduvalli Ramaswamaiah Anantharamaiah (2nd September 1952 – 29th October 2001) was a specialist in Radio astronomy, interstellar medium, galaxies. He was considered world expert in Radio Recombination Lines.

Early Years and Education

Prof Anantharamaiah was born at Kuduvalli, Karnataka to K. Ramaswamaiah and K.R. Jayamma. He obtained BSc degree in 1971 and MSc in 1973 from Mysore University. He acquired Phd in 1984 from Bangalore University.


Prof Anantharamaiah started his career at Raman Research Institute as Junior Scientific Assistant in 1974. He became scientist in 1984. He was Associate Professor during 1992-97 and Professor from 1997-2001. He was awarded Jansky Post Doctoral fellowship at National Radio Astronomy Observatory, USA during 1986-89.

Scientific Work

Observational radio astronomy was the main area of research of Prof. Anantharamaiah. He obtained a sensitive upper limit to the abundance of deuterium in the direction of the galactic centre, a comprehensive survey of radio spectral lines near 325 MHz arising from low density ionized hydrogen regions in the galaxy. He also observed transitions between very high Rydberg states of carbon in cold interstellar clouds and demonstrations for the first time of stimulated emission of carbon lines at meter wavelengths. He also observed low-frequency (327MHz) radio continuum emission from the galactic centre region establishing the relative locations of different resources, demonstrating the nature of spatial coherence in the radio radiation scattered in the solar wind plasma using high time resolution radio interferometry, providing an understanding of the behavior of source-noise in radio synthesis, images and detection and study of centimeter wavelength recombination lines from a number of starburst galaxies.


Prof Anantharamaiah was the fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences since 1994.


Prof Anantharamaiah was elected as the member of International Astronomical Union.

Born 2nd September 1952
Kuduvalli, Karnataka
Died 29th October 2001, Bangalore
Field: Radio astronomy, interstellar medium, galaxies
Institutions Raman Reseach Institute, Bangalore
Alma mater Mysore University

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