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Prof G S Ranganath

Prof. Gobbalipur Shamanna Ranganath ( 20 April 1944), a specialist in Liquid crystals and Optics retired from Raman Research Institute as Professor.

Early Years and Education

Prof. Ranganath was born to G S Shamanna and Sharadamma at Bangalore. He graduated with BSc degree from Mysore University in 1963, obtained M.Sc degree in 1966 from Bangalore University. He acquired Doctorate degree from Bangalore University in 1974.


Prof. Ranganath began his career at APS College, Bangalore as Lecturer in Physics in 1966. Later he moved to NAL, Bangalore as Research Fellow during 1967 – 72. In 1972 he joined Raman Research Institute as Scientist. He became Associate Professor in 1982 and Professor in 1990. He retired from RRI in 2006. He is currently a visitor proffessor at Centre for Soft Matter Research, Bangalore

Scientific Work

Prof. Ranganath has made major contributions to piezo-optics and optical diffraction in crystals and optics and mechanics of liquid crystals. He predicted the surprising result that stress induces optical activity in some optically inactive crystals. He was the first one to predict angular forces between disclinations and possibilities of attraction between like and repulsion between unlike disclination. This naturally accounted for the existence of some very strange defect entanglements that had puzzled workers in the field. He showed that magnetic fields, laser fields and structural biaxaility led to new topological defects and instabilities. Prediction of new types of walls has been experimentally confirmed. His studies on defects in liquid crystals have been specially commended by experts. He also pointed out that layered liquid crystals can exhibit new types of flows and many superfluid analogies like temperature waves, A C Josephson effect etc. He predicted many new nonlinear optical processes in liquid crystals like separation of fluctuations, modulated structures, giant nonlinearities, peculiar phase transitions etc.


Prof. Ranganath was elected as Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences in 1987 and Fellow of National Academy of Sciences, India (NASI) in 1995.


Prof. Ranganath is a member of Current Science Association.


Reading English and Kannada classics, listening to classical Indian music, popularising science in general and physics in particular are the hobbies of Prof. Ranganath

Born 20 April 1944
Bangalore, India.
Field: Liquid Crystals
Institutions APS College, Bangalore
National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore
Raman Research Institute, Bangalore
Alma mater Bangalore University

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