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Mr. Manohar Modgekar

Mr. Manohar Modgekar (17th November 1944), an Associate Engineer involved in fabrication and installing of Radio Telescopes with Radio Astronomy group and witnessed the first signal from four radio telescopes in India and one in Mauritius. Mr. Manohar Modgekar retired from Raman Research Institute(RRI) in 2004 as an Associate Engineer and head of Mechanical Engineering group.

Early Years and Education

Mr. Manohar Modgekar was born on 17th November 1944 to Omana Modgekar and Janabai Modgekar at Miraj in Sangali District of Maharastra State. His early education was at Government Technical School, Belgaum and Diploma in Radio Electronics at N.Wadia College, Pune in 1964. Further he underwent a short term course in Cryogenics for Engineers from Low Temperature Lab, Department of Physics, IIT, Chennai during June-July 1988.


Mr. Manohar Modgekar began his career as an Engineering Trainee in Radar division of Indian Naval dockyard, Mumbai in 1965. Later he worked as scientific staff of Radio Astronomy Group, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai during 1966 -1970 and moved to Radio Astronomy Centre, TIFR, Ooty and served till 1975. He joined Raman Research Institute as a Senior Scientific Assistant, Millimeter Wave Astronomy Group in 1975. He worked in CSIROs Australia Telescope, Narabria, NSW, Australia under Scientific Exchange program during 1989-1990. He also worked in University of Mauritius for commissioning of Mauritius Radio Telescope (MRT) during 1988-1992. He was a Consultant till 2006 for 12 meter antenna project at RRI. He has also worked as expert consultant at Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium Bangalore for 5.8 Meter Hemispherical Observatory dome structure project during 2008-2009.

Scientific Work

Mr. Manohar Modgekar was initially associated with the development of Large Cylindrical Telescope in TIFR, Mumbai and Ooty. His major involvement was with assembly, erection and testing of 960 dipole feed system with trombone type phase shifter. Later he joined Raman Research Institute in designing, fabrication, installation and testing of antennas, transmission lines RF electronics for Low-frequency array (Decametre) built at Gauribidanur, a Joint Program of RRI and IIA. He worked on 21bits encoders calibrations and cryogenic lab at Australia Telescope at Narrabri, NSW, Australia. His major contribution was in fabrication and istallation of 10.4 meter mm- wave radio telescope antennas as per design of Caltech University USA. Antennas aluminium honeycomb panels backup structure was fabricated using NAL and RRI workshop facility.Surface acuuracy was achived to 60 micron rms at 10.4 diameter. His major cobntribution for MRT was to design, fabricate and install antenna system in Mauritius. Complete design, analysis and drawings were carried out for the mount of 12 meter light weeight preloaded parabolic dish antenna installed in Gauribidnur. He has also contributed towards structure designing, fabricating at existing tower of 5.8 Meter Hemisperical Observatory dome located at Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Bangalore.


Mr. Manohar Modgekar is Paul Harris Fellow in Rotary International District 3190.


Travelling, social work and popularisation of science amongst rural students through Rotary club is the hobby of Mr. Manohar. He plays an active role in Rotary club.He is a life member of Youth Hostel.

Born 17th November 1944
(Miraj, Maharastra State)
Field: Mechanical Engineering  [Radio Telescope]

Indian Naval Dockyard,Mumbai 
TIFR, Mumbai [1966-1970]
TIFR, Ooty [1970-1975]
Raman Research Institute Bangalore [1975-2006]
Australia Telescope Narrabri NW Australia [1989-1990]
MRT, University of Mauritius,Mauritius
[1988, 1991-1992]
Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Bangalore[2008-2009]

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