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Prof. N. Kumar

Prof. Narendra Kumar, a well known Homi Bhabha Distinguished Scientist is currently associated with Raman Research Institute, Bangalore as Emeritus Professor. He was Director of Raman Research Institute from 1994-2005.

Early Years

Prof. Narendra Kumar was born on 1st February 1940 at Bilaspur, Madhyapradesh to Labha Mal Julka and Taravatti. He graduated from IIT, Kharagpur with a BTech Hons degree in Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering and further continued to acquire MTech in 1963 and PhD from IIT, Bombay in 1971 in Physics. In 1962, he was also successful in getting I Rank in All India Engineering Service Examination.


Prof. Kumar started his career at the Institute of Armament Technology, Pune as Senior Scientific Officer in 1963. From there he moved on to NCL, Pune as Scientist(B). He joined Indian Institute of Science as Asst. Professor in 1971 and went on to become Professor, Chairman of Department of Physics, Chairman of Division of Physical and mathematical Sciences during 70-94. He was bestowed with the MSIL Endowment Chair during 1990-93 and Honorary Professor at Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research in 1989. He joined Raman Research Institute as Visiting Professor in 1989 and he was Director of RRI from 1994- 2005. From 2005-2010 he has been the DAE Homi Bhabha Distinguished Scientist. From 2010 he has been the Emeritus Professor at RRI. He is also an Adjunct Professor, International Centre for Theoretical Sciences of TIFR since 2008.

Scientific Work

Prof. Kumar is an eminent physicist and has worked extensively in the field of Condensed Matter Physics, specializing in the area of Disordered Induced (Anderson) Localization and Quantum Transport; Possible mechanisms of Superconductivity (BCS and the HTSC). He carried out several studies in Statistical Physics in general – on Classical Stochastic Processes, Diffusion and Phase Transition. More recently, he turned to the problem of Random Lasing and the associated fluctuations. Among his other areas of interest are General Relativity (Cosmology, Astrophysics), Complex Systems, Neural Network, Turbulence & Chaos. He has co-authored three books and one advanced monograph.


Prof. Kumar has been Associate (1971-1992) & Staff Associate (1993-2010) and Senior Associate Member, ICTP, Trieste (1970 - 1992).


Prof. Kumar is Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore; Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi; National Academy of Sciences India. He has also been the Fellow of American Physical Society; Institute of Physics, UK and the Fellow of Third world Academy of Sciences, Trieste.

Awards & Distinctions

Prof. Kumar is the recipient of S S Bhatnagar Prize (1985); Hari Om Ashram medal (1985-86); TWAS Prize in Physics (1992); Distinguished Alumnus Award, IIT Bombay (1996); Mahendra Lal Sircar Prize in Physics (1997); Goyal Award in Physics (1998); FICCI Award for Physical Sciences 1988-89; CV Raman Birth Centenary Award (1999-2000); Meghnad Saha Medal (2000); MRSI Distinguished Material Scientist of year 2006 award; R D Birla Award for Excellence in Physics (2006). Professor Narendra Kumar was awarded Padma Shri by the Govt. of India in 2006. He is also reciepient of Distinguished Alumnus Award, IIT Kharagpur in 2010.


Prof. Narendra Kumar 's Hobbies include making electro-mechanical toys and reading humour books. He is passionate about philosophy of Science.

Born 1 February 1940
Bilaspur, Madhyapradesh, India
Field: Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum and Classical Transport in Disordered Systems, Anderson-Mott Localization, Magnetism, High-Tc Superconductivity, Statistical
Institutions Raman Research Institute (1994-2005)
Indian Institute of Science (1971-1994)
National Chemical Laboratory (1965-1968)
Institute of Armament Technology (1963-1965)
Alma mater IIT, Kharagpur
Awards S S Bhatnagar Prize (1985)
Hari Om Ashram medal (1985-1986)
TWAS Prize in Physics (1992)
Distinguished Alumnus Award of IIT Bombay(1996) Mahendra Lal Sircar Prize in Physics (1997)
Goyal Awards in Physics (1998)
FICCI Award for Physical Sciences (1998-1999)
CV Raman Birth Centenary Award (1999-2000)
Meghnad Saha Medal (2000)
MRSI Distinguished Material Scientist (2006)
R D Birla Award for Physics (2006)
Padma Shree, GOI. (2006) Distinguished Alumnus Award of IIT Kharagpur (2010)

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