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Prof. N.V.G. Sarma

Nidumolu Venkata Gurunadha Sarma (16th September 1932 – 5th December 2008), a well known scientist who made pioneering contributions to the growth of Radio astronomy in India. Sri Sarma retired from Raman Research Institute as Professor in 1996 and continued to serve as Honorary Professor up to 2007.

Early Years and Education

Prof. Sarma was born at Machilipatnam in Andra Pradesh to Nidumolu Surya Prakasa Rao and Sakuntala. His early education was in Andrapradesh. He acquired BSc and MSc (Research) from Andra University at Waltair in 1953 and 1954 respectively.


Prof. Sarma stared his career as Demonstrator. Research Fellow in 1954 at Andra University. He joined National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi in 1954 as Scientific Assistant. He became Scientific Officer and continued to work in NPL upto 1964. During 1960-62 he went to Sterrewacht, The Netherlands as Research Scholar. He joined TIFR, Bombay in 1964 as Fellow. During 1968-76 he worked as Senior Research Scientist at TIFR Radio Astronomy Centre, Ooty. From there he moved to Raman Research Institute to join Millimeter Wave Project as Coordinator in 1976. He became professor in 1988 and retired in 1996. He was Honorary Professor at RRI from 1996-2007.

Scientific Work

Prof. Sarma has significant contribution to the establishment of radio astronomical facilities in India. He is partially responsible for the design and construction of various receiver and electronic systems to major telescopes situated in four continents, namely Europe, USA, Australia and India. He was complete in-charge of building and commissioning the receiver systems for the TIFR-Ooty radio telescope and for RRI millimeter radio telescope. He has contribution towards structure of galactic center at 327 MHz using lunar occulation observations, determination of D/H ratio towards galactic center, HI absorption in the direction of galactic centre and angular size measurements of various extragalactic and galactic radio sources using lunar occultation method.

Fellowship & Membership

Prof. Sarma was elected the fellow of Indian academy of sciences in 1989. He was a member of International Astronomical Union. He was on the Scientific advisory committee of IUCAA.

Born 16th September 1932
Machilipatnam, Andra Pradesh, India
Died 5 December 2008
Field: Radio astronomy
Institutions Andra University, Waltair
National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi
TIFR, Bombay
TIFR Radio Astronomy Centre, Ooty
Raman Reseach Institute, Bangalore
Alma mater Andra University

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