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Dr. D.K. Ravindra

Dr D K Ravindra (14th December 1941), a scientist with Engineering background was associated with Radio Astronomy group at Raman Research Institute. He retired from Raman Research Institute in 2001 as Senior Scientist and as Head of Electronics Lab.

Early Years and Education

Dr Ravindra was born to D. R. Krishnnaiah Setty and Thayaramma at Chintamani in Kolar district of Karnataka. He had his early education at Chintamani and obtained LEE in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic of Chintamani. In1960. In 1963 he obtained Graduateship in Electronics from Institute of Electrical and Telecom Engineers, New Delhi. After a while he also obtained Bachelor of Engineering degree from BMS College, Bangalore in 1977 with distinction. Further he acquired Doctorate degree from Indian Institute of Science in 1984 in Electrical Communication Engineering.


Dr Ravindra started his career as Inspector at ITI Bangalore in 1961. In 1962 he joined Chief Inspectorate of Electronics, Bangalore as Supervisor. He moved to HAL in 1964 and worked there as Supervisor up to 1965. With this Industrial Experience, he joined Central Water and Power Research Station, Pune as Research Officer during 1965-1971. He was Scientific Officer at the Indian Institute of Science from 1971 – 1975. He joined Raman Research Institute as Senior Scientist in 1975 and retired in January, 2001. After retirement he worked as consultant at RRI from 2001 to 2004.

Scientific Work

Dr Ravindra was associated with the development of electronic instrumentation for the observational radio astronomy. He was also involved in setting up electronics Lab at RRI. To begin with he was involved in the design of frequency synthesizer for Ooty Radio Telescope. He was later involved in the real-time signal processing systems for Gauribidanur Radio Telescope in designing the Digital correlation receiver and online fourier transform system. He also worked on the design of backend instrumentation for millimeter wave radio telescope set up in the Institute Campus. Dr Ravindra was mainly involved in the development of different types of spectral line receivers such as filter bank, acousto-optic and digital auto-correlation types and their computer controlled real-time data acquisition and processing system. He also worked on RF signal processing for very large base array system at National Radio Astronomy Observatory in US. He also worked as design engineer on development and construction of IF processing system of VLBA telescope. He was involved designing wide digital correlation system using NASA correlator chips. Additionally he was involved coordinating 21cm front end receiver, array combiner and pulsar polarimeter projects for Giant meter radio telescope near Pune. His main research interest are in the fields of RF and digital systems, signal processing-digital and acousto-optic, embedded processor systems etc.


Dr Ravindra is a member of IEEE and Graduate member of IETE

Awards & Distinctions

Dr Ravindra was awarded the J.C.Bose Memorial award ib 1972 from Institute of Telecommunication Engineers.


Travelling, trekking, swimming and photography are the hobbies of Dr Ravindra.

Born 14th December 1941
Chintamani (Kolar District), Karnataka, India
Field: Radio astronomy
Institutions ITI, Bangalore
Chief Inspectorate of Electronics, Bangalore
HAL, Bangalore
Central Water & Power Res Station, Pune
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Raman Reseach Institute, Bangalore
Alma mater BMS College, Bangalore

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