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Prof B K Sadashiva

Prof. Bookinkere Kapanipathaiya Sadashiva (6th December 1946), a scientist specializing in Liquid Crystal science and technology from India has mentored large number of students and retired in 2008 from Raman Research Institute as Professor.

Early Years and Education

Prof Sadashiva was born on 6th December 1946 in Mysore to B R Kapanipathaiya and Thangamma. He had his primary education at Vijaya Middle school and National High School, Bangalore. His Undergraduate studies was done at National College, Bangalore and he obtained BSc in 1966 from Bangalore University. He obtained MSc degree in organic chemistry in 1969 Bangalore University. He joined Raman Research Institute in 1973 and worked for Ph.D. degree. He obtained Ph.D. Degree in 1979.


Prof Sadashiva started his career as Research fellow at the Organic Chemistry Department, Indian Institute of Science in 1969. In 1973 he joined RRI and worked for his Ph.D. degree. He obtained Ph.D. in 1979. Subsequently, he was offered the position of Scientist at RRI to continue his work on liquid crystalline materials. He became Associate professor in 1984 and Professor in 1992. He retired from RRI in 2008. Prof Sadashiva is continuing to be associated with Raman Research Institute as INSA Senior Scientist. He was Post Doctoral fellow at the University College, Cardiff, United Kingdom during 1981-83. He was the Chairman of Liquid Crystal Laboratory during 2000-2006. He was visiting scientist at CENG, Genoble, France for six months in 1991 and University of Bordeaux, France in 1992.

Scientific Work

Prof Sadashiva initially worked on synthesis and characterization of some thermotropic mesogens. The work on discotic liquid crystals is an outstanding contribution which evoked worldwide interest. He synthesized the first compound which exhibited reentrant nematic phase at atmospheric pressure. He prepared a number of copper containing materials which represent the first examples of paramagnetic nematic liquid crystals. A large number of other metallomesogens were also prepared including representatives of s-, p- and d-block elements. He initiated a program to synthesize new compounds exhibiting ferro-, ferri-, antiferro-electric and twist grain boundary phases. Since 1998 he has made very significant contributions to the new sub-field of liquid crystals viz. liquid crystals of achiral banana-shaped molecules.


Prof Sadashiva is a life member of Materials Research society of India and Russian Liquid Crystals Society.


Prof Sadashiva was elected as the Fellow of National Science Academy, New Delhi in 2004.

Awards & Distinctions

Prof Sadashiva was awarded a medal by the Material Research Society of India in 1991 for his valuable contribution to Materials research. He is the first recipient of the Prof. J. S. Dave Memorial award instituted by the M. S. University of Baroda in 2005. He was awarded the G. W. Gray Medal in 2009 by the British Liquid Crystals Society for his seminal research work in the area.

Hobby and more..

Reading ; listening to carnatic music and old Hindi film songs.

Represented the state as a member of the NCC Naval Cadet at the Republic day Parade in New Delhi in 1965; represented the state as a member of the U-25 cricket team in 1966; first class cricket umpire and retired as an International umpire.

Born 6th December 1946
Mysore, Karnataka, India.
Field: Liquid Crystals
Institutions Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Raman Research Institute, Bangalore
CENG, Genoble, France
University of Bordeaux, France
Alma mater Bangalore University
Awards Material Research Society Medal (1991)
Prof. J. S. Dave Memorial award (2005)
G. W. Gray Medal (2009)

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