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Dr. S. Krishnan

Dr. S. Krishnan (26 November 1934), retired from Raman Research Institute as Professor at Radio Astronomy Lab.

Early Years and Education

Dr. Krishnan was born to Sri. R. Sankaranarayana Iyer and Smt. Laksmi at Mahadevapuram, Tamil Nadu on 26th November 1934. He graduated in 1955 with BSc (Hons) degree from Travancore University and acquired MSc in 1956 also from Travancore University, Kerala. He acquired Phd from Kerala University in 1960.


Dr. Krishnan started his career as Research Assistant of CSIR at the Physics department of Indian Institute of Science in 1955. From 1959-60 he was Senior Scientific Officer at ATIRA, Ahmadabad. During 1960-78 Prof. Krishnan was the Head, Electronics Division of National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore. He joined Raman Research Institute as Professor in 1978. He retired from RRI in 1994. Prof. Krishnan was a visiting Professor at the School of Automation, IISc during 1973-75. He also worked as a consultant to two companies manufacturing Automobile accessories during 1970-75. He was a consultant in power electronics for the department of space at ISAC, Bangalore from 1999-2001. He was also a member of the All India Committee for the investigation of the failure of two INSAT satellites.

Scientific Work

He specializes in Digital electronics, instrumentation and power electronics.


Dr. Krishnan was elected as Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore in 1974.

Awards and Distinctions

Dr. Krishnan is the recipient of Inventions Promotion Board Award for the “Development of the Spark Erosion Machine” in 1971. He has also received Vikram Sarabhai award for “Outstanding original research” in “Electronics and communication”.


Dr. Krishnan’s hobby is to write on automobiles, hydroponics, flowering and other ornamental trees of India and history of electronics.

Born 26th November 1934
Mahadevapuram, Tamil Nadu, India
Field: Electronics
Institutions Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore
Raman Research Institute, Bangalore
Alma mater Travancore University, Kerala

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