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Prof. Uadya Shankar N.

Prof. N Udaya Shankar( 28th April 1953)  was In-charge and coordinator of  Astronomy and Astrophysics Group for several years and retired as Professor from Raman Research Institute, Bangalore.

Early Years and Education

Prof. Uday Shankar was born to Sri. G R Narayana Rao and Smt. Sathyavathi on 28th April 1953 at Bangalore. He had his early education at Arya Vidya Shala, Gandhinagar, Banglaore.  He obtained BSc (Hons) in Physics in 1971 and MSc in Physics in 1973 from the Bangalore University, Bangalore. He worked for his thesis project at the RRI and degree was awarded from Bangalore University in 1986.


Prof. Udaya Shankar started his career as Lecturer in Physics at the PES Junior college, Bangalore during 1973. He worked as Lab Assistant at NAL, Bangalore during the period 1975 – 1977. He moved to Raman Research Institute in 1977 as Senior Scientific Assistant.  He was a scientist during 1986-1993 and Associate professor during 1993-2000.

Prof. Udaya Shankar was a Resident Scientist – Mauritius Radio Telescope, University of Mauritius during 1992-1996. He became Professor in 2000. Prof. Uday was in-charge Radio Astronomy Laboratory from 2002 to 2007 and Coordinator, A&A Group during 2008-2011.

Prof Uday Shankar was also a member of the MWA (Murchison Widefield Array) board since its inception in its present form representing RRI and served as a vice-chair during two half-year periods. He was also the Deputy Project Manager (India) for a brief period.

Scientific Work

Areas of research in which Prof. Uday Shankar is interested are Cosmology with the HI 21cm line; Epochs of Recombination and Reionisation;  Instrumentation and Signal Processing for Radio Astronomy; Low Frequency Sky Surveys; Development of Low Cost Dishes for SKA: Preloaded Parabolic Dish Antennas.

As a member of a team called ERA lab, he worked on detection of signals from the epochs of recombination and reionisation. He is a member of MWA team involved in developing & improving algorithms on imaging with MWA to optimally reconstruct EoR power spectrum from the observations. Prof. Uday was in-charge of the design and development of a new technology 12m radio telescope (Preloaded Parabolic Dish (PPD) concept) for centimetre-wave observations. He was resident scientist in-charge of designing the receiver system which adapted Clarklake correlator array at the Mauritius Radio Telescope (MRT). He designed the correlation receiver system for the Gauribidanur Decametre-wave Radio Telescope and developed techniques and tools for imaging with this dipolar array. Prof Uday participated in the development of a rotational shear interferometer using high-stability high-speed opto-electronic sensors. He also Lead a small team in designing a feed and a front-end system, operating in the frequency range 30-90 MHz, for GMRT with the main objective of carrying out a low frequency survey with unprecedented resolution and sensitivity to extended structures in the sky at low frequencies. (more...)


Prof. Udaya Shankar has been a member of International Astronomical Union (IAU); President , Bangalore Chapter, Indian Physics Association, India for several years and presently Secretary of the  Astronomical Society of India and member of Optical Society of India.


Prof . Uday has the hobby of Reading Novels, Writing poems. He has interest in Cinema.


Born 28th April 1953
Bangalore, Karnataka
Field: Astronomy & Astrophysics

Raman Research Institute, Bangalore
National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore

Alma mater Bangalore University, Bangalore

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