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  1. A Primer for Black Hole Quantum Physics, by R. Brout, S. Massar, R. Parentani, P. Spindel
  2. Advanced Epitaxy For Future Electronics, Optics, And Quantum Physics: Seventh Lecture International Science Lecture Series, by C. Gossard
  3. Advances In Photoreception: Proceedings Of A Symposium On Frontiers Of Visual Science
  4. Classical and Modern Optics, by Daniel A. Steck
  5. Color and Its Applications, by Matthew Luckiesh
  6. Dense Matter in Compact Stars, by Andreas Schmitt
  7. General and Practical Optics, by Lionel Laurence
  8. Geometric Optics, by J. B. Tatum
  9. GPRA Project: Realitivistic Relativity 2.0, by Robert L .DeMelo
  10. Handbook of Optical Through the Air Communications, by David A. Johnson
  11. High Energy Astrophysics, by Jonathan Katz
  12. High-Energy Polarized Proton Beams, by Georg Heinz Hoffstaetter
  13. Introduction to Quantum Optics, by V. I. Man'ko
  14. Introductory Lectures on Quantum Cosmology, by J. J. Halliwell
  15. Lasers: Invention To Application, by John R. Whinnery, Jesse H. Ausubel
  16. Opticks, by Sir Isaac Newton
  17. Optics, by Benjamin Crowell
  18. Optics, by Daniel Suson
  19. Photonic Crystals: Molding the Flow of Light by John D. Joannopoulos
  20. Physics of Light and Optics, by Justin Peatross, Michael Ware
  21. Quantization in Astrophysics, Brownian Motion, and Supersymmetry, by F. Smarandache, V. Christianto
  22. Relativity : the Special and General Theory, by Albert Einstein
  23. The Fiber Optic Data Communications, by Dr. Kenneth S. Schneider
  24. The Meaning of Relativity,by Albert Einstein
  25. The Theory Of Optics, by C. Riborg Mann And Robert A. Millikan
  26. The Theory of the Relativity of Motion, by Richard Chace Tolman
  27. Understanding Optical Communications- by Harry J. R. Dutton
  28. Why CMB physics?, by Massimo Giovannini

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