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A Fragrant Introduction to Terpenoid Chemistry Charles S Sell

Terpenoid chemistry,
Biogenesis of terpenoids,
Industrial chemistry

Chemical History Gerrylyn K Roberts, &
Colin A Russell
History of Chemistry,
Inorganic Chemistry,
Organic Chemistry,
Analytical Chemistry
DNA Conjugates and Sensors Keith R Fox, & Tom Brown

Nucleic Acids,
Click chemistry,
DNA, DNAzymes

Granular Materials : Fundamentals and Applications S Joseph Antony,
W Hoyle, &
Yulong Ding
Granular Materials, Polymers,
Atomic force microscopy,
Green Materials from Plant Oils Zengshe Liu, & George Kraus Bio-polymers, Plant oils,
Lipid modification, Green polyurethanes
Carboxylic acids
Gums and Stabilisers for the Food Industry 17 Peter Williams, Glyn Phillips Hydrocolloids, Functional properties of proteins,
Low moisture foods
Heat Capacities : Liquids, Solutions and Vapours Emmerich Wilhelm, & Trevor M Letcher Heat capacities, Liquids, Vapours
Janus Particle Synthesis, Self-Assembly and Applications Shan Jiang, & Steve Granick Janus particle
Microfluidics for Medical Applications Albert van den Berg, &
Loes Segerink
Microfluidics to medicine,
Organs and tissue on a chip,
Molecular Physical Chemistry Keith A McLauchlan Thermodynamics,
Reaction dynamics
Natural Polymers : Volume 1: Composites Maya J John, & Sabu Thomas Natural polymer composites,
Natural and protein fibres
Natural Polymers : Volume 2: Nanocomposites Maya J John, & Sabu Thomas Natural polymer nanocomposites
Particle-Stabilized Emulsions and Colloids To Ngai, & Stefan Bon Pickering Stabilization,
Portable X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry Philip J Potts, & Margaret West Emulsions, Colloids
  Protein Folding, Misfolding and Aggregation Victor Munoz α-Helix Formation,
Protein folding
Separation, Purification and Identification Lesley E Smart Distillation, Recrystallisation, Chromatography, Elemental analysis, Atomic absorption spectroscopy and Mass spectrometry
Short Wavelength Laboratory Sources Davide Bleiner,
John Costello,
Francois Dortan,
Gerry O'Sullivan,
Ladislav Pina, &
Alan Michette
MP0601, Atomic and plasma physics software,
X-ray lasers, EUV sources, Lithography
Soft Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications José Callejas-Fernández,
Joan Estelrich,
Manuel Quesada-Pérez, &
Jacqueline Forcada
Nanoparticles, Magnetoliposomes, Micro/nanogels, Polymeric micelles, DNA particles, Dendrimers, Bicelles.
The Chemistry of Fragrances David Pybus, & Charles Sell Mixing molecules
Unravelling Single Cell Genomics: Micro and Nanotools Nathalie Bontoux, &
Marie-Claude Potier
Microfluidics, Genomics, Molecular biology, Developmental biology, Microtechnology, Cell analysis, Microfluidic devices


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