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Admission to PhD 2016

The PhD programme conducted by RRI aims to empower its students with advanced technical abilities in basic science and in a specialization, so as to prepare them for a career in research. The programme commences with formal credited course work in advanced topics during the first year. RRI offers select PhD students, who qualify in the course work and a subsequent comprehensive examination, opportunities for supervised research within the four broad areas of research conducted at the institute – Astronomy and Astrophysics, Light and Matter Physics, Soft Condensed Matter Physics and Theoretical Physics. The research also includes Chemistry, Liquid Crystals, Physics in Biology, quantum atom-optics and quantum information.

Students at RRI are registered for their PhD degree with Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. RRI is also a participant in the Joint Astronomy Programme (JAP) with the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

The annual admission to the PhD programme takes place every year in August. The application process usually begins in January. Admission requires candidates to appear for a qualifying examination followed by successful selection in an interview: we urge interested students to appear in time for one of the qualifying examinations. For further details on the PhD admission requirements and procedure we urge you to browse this webpage from time to time.