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Radicals in Science: Nature or Nurture
The workshop will showcase events and recent progress in science that represent the emergence of radically new ideas, a significant change in thinking or suggested a new paradigm for exploration. The meeting is intended to stimulate discussion on the relative roles of nature and nurture in such radical shifts.

The fresh understanding might arise from an incisive theoretical inquiry, an innovative observation, sensitive experimental capability or computational tool arising from improved technology, an opening of a new window, or a sheer brilliant original idea. Presentations may discuss the question of what is it that leads individuals or teams to bring about paradigm shifts in scientific thinking, including key roles of individuals/teams, the scientific and social cultures, freedom and ethics, technology support, patronage, and all that constitutes the framework within which new thinking emerges. Presentations may include specific examples of paradigm shifts, the prevailing circumstances, scientific impact, and the social and scientific forces which resist such a paradigm shift.

The event is scheduled for the year in which Prof. V. Radhakrishnan (Rad) crosses 1000 moons, and will include a dinner to mark that occasion.

Scientific organizing committee:
Ron Ekers
Andy Fabian
Joanna Rankin
Obaid Siddiqi
Joseph Samuel
Ravi Subrahmanyan (Chair)
Bob Wilson
Local Organizing Committee:
Mamatha Bai
Avinash Deshpande (Chair)
S R Ramasubramaniyan
Sadiqali Rangawala
Jacob Rajan
Lakshmi Saripalli
Pragya Srivastava
Ravi Subrahmanyan (rsubrahm@rri.res.in)
Avinash Deshpande (desh@rri.res.in)
The workshop will be held at the Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, India.
August 09 - 11, 2010
List of invited participants:
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Schedule of talks:

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