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Sushil Dubey
PhD Scholar
Extension : 948083 6179
Email : dubeys
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Research Theme:

Neurons are unique cells in their morphology. Their axonal processes can range from a few micrometres to up to a meter in humans. The mechanical properties of the axonal cytoskeleton play an important role in development (growth and retraction) and in maintaining the regular cylindrical geometry of the axon.

We are studying the mechanical responses of neurons using a home-built Force Apparatus which is an optical fiber based instrument. Mechanical response of neuronal cells subjected to tension using the force apparatus shows a non-linear viscoelastic behavior. Axons also show a transition from a viscoelastic elongation to active contraction and we aim to investigate the mechanism responsible for this effect. In short we plan to study the roles played by the different cytoskeletal components, including motor proteins and MAPs in regulating the mechanical properties of axons, and in exploring the feedback mechanism that regulate tension induced growth of axons.