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I am a PhD student working under Joint Astronomy Programme (JAP) at Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and Raman Research Insitute (RRI) Bangalore, India.


From where ?

I am from Burdwan (Bardhaman), a town located on the shore of Damodar river in a district Burdwan in West Bengal, India.

CMS high school
Municipal high school
Raj College
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
Raman Research Institute

Academic Journey

School Days : My academic carrier was started from "Nursury School". I did the primary tranning (class I to IV) at Burdwan Church Missionary Society (CMS) High school. After that, I moved to Burdwan Municipal High school (BMHS) to complete higher secondary.
College Days : From my school days, Physical science and mathematics are my favourite subjects. I started my carrier in Physics from Burdwan Raj College (BRC) which is running under the University of Burdwan (BU). I completed BSc Physics honors in the year 2012 with a first rank in BU.
IIT days : Pursuing Master of Science (MSc) in the dept of Physics at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT Kgp) was the most important time in my academic carrier. During a one year long project with Prof. Sayan Kar, I decided to take theoretical astrophysics physics as the broad area of research. In the year 2014, I completed MSc with a first rank in the dept, and left IIT kgp to explore my area of interest.
Present position : I am a PhD student (JAP) jointly working at Raman Research Institute (RRI) and Indian Institute of Science Bangalore (IISc), India. To know about my research interest visit Research.


I like singing, playing guitar and drawing. Few of my drawings are attached here.

The interaction of a young star cluster with its environment. Left image shows a real starcluster -- Rosette Nebula. Right figure shows the simulation result. The colour palette in right panel displays the density profile and the black arrows denote the wind velocity. This simulation has been done using code PLUTO.


I like analytical calculation and numerical simulation. My special interests are on
  • Stellar feedback
  • Cosmic ray modified shock
  • interacting stellar and/or planetary orbits
  • gravity
PhD (2014 -): The stellar wind and supernovae driven outflows and their interactions with surrounding medium play a key role in galaxy evolution. My research is focused on the modeling of these interactions by considering various microphysics where the effect of radiation, the role of two-fluids (e.g., Cosmic rays) become important. In a broad sense, these studies connect the stars to the evolution of galaxy which are the building blocks of our Universe. The attached movie gives a flavour of the work that I do.

MSc (2012 - 14): During MSc, I worked on the modified Newtonian gravity. This study involved a phenomenological approach which combines the strong field and weak field gravity. The important applications are (1) non-singular collapse of gas cloud and (2) galaxy rotation curve. I did this project under supervison of Prof. Sayan Kar (IIT Kgp). To know more about it, click here MScThesis.


1. Prof. Biman Nath (supervisor), Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Raman Research Insitute Bangalore, India.
2. Prof. Prateek Sharma (supervisor), Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, India.
3. Prof. Yuri Shchekinov, Lebedev Physical Institute Moscow, Russia.
4. Prof. David Eichler, Ben-Gurion University, Israel.


1. Presented a talk on 7th March, 2017 in the annual Meeting of the Astronomical Society of India at Jaipur.
2. Presented a poster on 9-13 May 2016 in the annual Meeting of the Astronomical Society of India at Srinagar. ClickHereToSee


1. Gupta, S., Nath, B. B., Sharma, P. & Shchekinov, Y. 2016 MNRAS, 462, 4532; [NASA/ADS]; MNRAS; arXiv;

2. Gupta, S., Nath, B. B., Sharma, P. & Eichler, D., 2017 MNRAS; [NASA/ADS]; MNRAS; arXiv;

I use following codes:


I have started my reseach carrier from this code. PLUTO is develoved by Prof. A. Mignone's group. For details visit PLUTO.


This is one of the well used code in Astrophysics. I use this code to check consistancy of my results. The details this code can be found here .

A two-fluid hydro code

This code is written by me to study two-fluid shock. The details will be uploaded soon.


Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics
Raman Research Institute
Bengaluru - 560080, India
Email : ;
Contact No : +91 9632147289 (mob)