My Family:

I am married to a theoretical Physicist, Prof. Joseph Samuel and we have
a daughter  Roshni . Roshni was born in 28th September 1996. My mother Dr. Purnima Sinha (nee Sengupta)is also a physicist, who did her Ph.D in the nineteen fifties with Prof. S.N Bose.
Here is a photograph of my mother with Bose and Dirac, taken during Dirac's visit to Bose's lab

She did her Ph.D in X-ray crystallography of clay minerals  (See, for instance,
`X-ray and Differential Thermal Studies of some Indian Montmorillonites': A. K. Bose and Purnima Sengupta, `Nature',
July 3, 1954, Vol. 174, page 40.) .
She also worked on the `Origin of Life' when she was at Stanford, U. S.
This work was at the interface of Biology and Physics - in particular
she studied structures involving clay and bases appearing in the DNA
double helix. She also worked on the physics of Ceramic Colour.
She has recently got an award for popularizing science in Bengali.
The award was given by ``Bangiya Bigyan Parishad''- an organization
started by Prof. S. N. Bose.
My father, Prof. Surajit  Sinha
was an anthropologist who passed away
on 27th February 2002. My sister Sukanya, a PhD. from the University
of Maryland, US is a physicist who works in the field of gravitation
and cosmology.

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Roshni's Parents