Sonali Sachdeva

Postdoctoral Fellow
Astronomy and Astrophysics

L-217, Library Block

The broad area of her research is in understanding the formation and evolution of galaxies. She does that through observational analysis of data mainly in ultraviolet, optical and infrared wavelengths. Her expertise lies in the computation of the structural parameters of galaxies using both parametric and non-parametric methods. She performs statistical analysis on big data, i.e., tens of thousands of galaxies, spanning a wide redshift range, i.e., from local to the reionization epoch. She has reported on the dominant physical processes involved in the growth of galaxies belonging to different structural types. This has been achieved by studying the correlation of structure with star formation activity, dust attenuation parameters, interaction signatures, local density, gas/dust mass and other defining properties of galaxies. In addition to the modification of existing codes, she has written several of her own algorithms for the computation and comparison of galaxy parameters.