Biman B. Nath

Astrophysics Group
Raman Research Institute Phone: (0091) 80 361 0122 (ext. 225)
Sadashiva Nagar Fax: (0091) 80 361 0492
Bangalore 560080 INDIA Email


My current research interests involve diffuse gas in the universe (intracluster and intergalactic medium) and interaction between galaxies and diffuse gas.

(My publication list)

Recent papers :

image Diffuse X-Ray Emission from Star-forming Galaxies

image Probing the circumgalactic baryons through cross-correlations [MNRAS, 2016, 456, 1495]


General relativity and cosmology (1999, 2000)

Extragalactic astronomy (2004, 2006)

Radiative processes (2006)

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Science popularization

Indira Gandhi award for science popularization from INSA, 2011


The story of helium and the birth of astrophysics

Springer (US) 2012

Dawn of the Universe

Universities Press (India), Hyderabad, 2005


"Mohabishwer Prothom Aalo" (Bengali)

Anushtup (Kolkata), 2002


'Nokkhotrer gaan" (Bengali)

Ananda Publishers (Kolkata), 2007

'Eyes on the sky: The story of telescopes"

Vigyan Prasar (Govt of India) , 2009



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