Directions to reach the Institute

RRI is in Sadashiva Nagar in the northern parts of Bangalore. It is situated on C.V. Raman Avenue connecting Mekhri Circle (pronounced as 'Make-ree' circle) and the Indian Institute of Science (popularly known as the ‘Tata Institute’)

If arriving in Bangalore by Air

The new Bangalore International Airport is about 30 km from the Institute. On arrival, if you have not arranged to be met at the airport, you may either take a pre-paid taxi or a Volvo Bus. If taking a taxi please give Mehkri Circle as the landmark and request the driver to avoid the underpass at the circle but instead take the left side lane up to the traffic signal and turn right on to the C V Raman Avenue. The Institute gate is on the left side of this avenue a few hundred meters from the Circle. The Institute campus wall with stone masonry along the road is recognizable and one gate along this wall is normally open. If taking a Volvo or other bus from the airport, get off at the Bus Stop for Mehkri Circle, which is located before the beginning of the underpass of the Mehkri Circle, opposite to the Air Force Training Command. The Institute is about half a kilometer from the Bus Stop.

If arriving by rail

There are three railway stations at which you might get off: Yeshwantpur, Bangalore Cantonment and Bangalore City. Consider hiring an autorikshaw or a taxi to get to the Institute from railway stations. The driver may be asked to go to the Raman Research Institute campus located close to Mekhri Circle, on the C V Raman Avenue, in Sadashivanagar.

If arriving on a bus

The Main Bus Station where all the government transport buses arrive is situated just opposite the Bangalore City Railway Station. Consider taking an autorikshaw or taxi to get to the Institute.

If arriving by air

More information is available at BMTC Info. It may be noted that KIAS-10 brings you to the RRI gate soon after it makes a right turn at 'Mekhri Circle'. Please make sure that you have informed the bus conductor about this request halt.