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Brief Description of the Tender

Closing Date

Modification to sewerage system and external developmental works at Vyalikaval hostel, Bengaluru.
Tender document: NIT_sewerage_system_EB.pdf
Providing and fixing chain link fencing all-round the HT yard for proposed sub station in RRI Campus
Tender document: NIT_Fence_EB.pdf
Supply of Desktop Computers
Tender document: GeM-Bidding-GEM-2024-B-4509506.pdf
Facility Management Services - Housekeeping, Horticulture Services
Tender document: GeM-Bidding-4471188_0.pdf
Corrigendum: GeM-Bidding-4471188_Cor1.pdf
1.5 Ton and 1.8 / 2 Ton Wall Mounted Split AC units (Q3)
Tender document: GeM-Bidding-4464450.pdf
SOLIDWORKS Premium Research Standalone License
Tender document: GeM-Bidding-4463515.pdf
Facility Management Services - Security
Tender document: tender_fms-security_gem_04Jan2024.pdf
Civil Works and Supply and Installation of Pr-fabricated Metallic Cabins for SNSPD Project, QuIC Lab, RRI Campus
Tender document: Tender-RRI-EB-NIT-QuIC-03_0.pdf
Corrigendum: Tender-RRI-EB-NIT-QuIC-03_Cor.pdf
Corrigendum: Tender-RRI-EB-NIT-QuIC-03_Cor2.pdf
Bus Hiring Service - Regular Basis - Local 24*7; 9-12; Non Deluxe (NDX); 2400 Km(s)
Tender document: GeM-Bidding-5706131_Transport.pdf
Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of RFID system (Q3)
Tender document: NIT-231136-RFID-23-24.pdf
Corrigendum: NIT-231136-RFID-23-24-cor1.pdf