Post-doctoral Fellowships

Selected Post-Doctoral Fellows will be paid a Fellowship of ₹58,000 to ₹67,000 + appropriate HRA as admissible, depending on their experience. In the case of successful candidates who are yet to complete requirements for award of the Ph.D. qualification - like, for example, successful defence of the thesis - a research fellowship at a lower rate of ₹48,000 + appropriate HRA as admissible will be paid until completion of such requirements. The maximum duration of the postdoctoral position is 3 years, with annual extensions based on internal assessments.

RRI values interactions and does not desire that Post-doctoral Fellows work in isolation: participation in the academic activities of the Institute and collaboration with other research staff is encouraged. Many of the research groups are engaged in experimental activities and opportunities may exist for post-doctoral fellows to participate. The appointments do not entail any teaching responsibilities.

Interested candidates should submit their (a) Curriculum Vitae, (b) List of Publications, (c) A resume detailing their previous research and other academic activities, (d) A statement outlining their anticipated research activities while at the Raman Institute, and (e) Two to three letters of reference from people familiar with your work to be sent directly to @email. The letters of reference should reach us within three weeks from the date of application.

We prefer to receive applications and supporting letters in soft copy. The preferred format is PDF files. To avoid confusion all application files should be attached to a single email message. These may be sent to @email.

RRI Postdoctoral Fellow positions are limited and we strongly encourage candidates to apply through N-PDF positions at the following link:

NOTE: Please DO NOT direct your applications and queries or mark copies of any messages to the Director's e-mail account (@email).