Health Clinic

The RRI Health Clinic provides a basic health care facility through consulting doctors to the Institute community comprising of staff/pensioners and their dependents, students, and temporary staff. The health clinic is located near the north gate of the campus, behind the canteen/guesthouse. Though small in relative terms, the health clinic has consultant medical practitioners, visiting at fixed hours on most days of the week.

The Institute has tie-ups with a few recognized hospitals/clinics for medical treatment.

The Medical Office at the clinic acts as a single-window system for referral letters, submission of bills, enquiries, etc.


Dr. Archana

 +91 8762076573

Dr. B.V. Sanjay Rao

 +91 9845109239

Dr. N. Sundari

 +91 8431043461

Dr. B.G. Shridhar

(Psychological Counsellor)
 +91 8310863505

Dr. Annapurna Bhat

(Ayurveda Consultant Sampoorn Health Care)
 +91 9886399730

Scheduled rates for reimbursement

The Institute is following the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) scheduled rates for all reimbursement purposes.

Procedure to avail treatment in tie-up hospitals

(for consultation/ treatment/ tests/ procedures/ admission)

- Identification of RRI members by the hospital/ diagnostic center

  1. RRI Medical Health Card(For Staff/Pensioners/Dependents/ Research Scholars).
  2. Doctor's Prescription(Mandatory for Diagnostic Centres).
  3. RRI ID card or RRI Pensioners ID Card.

- RRI Medical Health Card

RRI Medical Health Card is compulsory (OPD / In- Patient) to be shown at the tied-up hospitals for the identification of the beneficiaries.

The above documents shall be used by the hospital staff/doctors to identify the medical history and validate the beneficiary.

The procedure remains the same for patients availing treatment in various other Private Hospitals/Clinics/Diagnostic Centres/Govt. Hospitals directly and claiming for reimbursement, on submission of original bills/discharge summary at the RRI health clinic, for payment as per CGHS rates.

- During emergency situations

The medical card issued by the Institute can be shown during any emergency situations or upon admission, in the tie-up hospitals.

Emergency Contact

RRI Health Clinic/Doctors:

In case of medical emergency and to reach the doctors/administration, call the RRI Security (Main Gate):
  080-23610147--Extensions-123 & 147

Establishment officer
Sachin S. Belvadi

|   9448287705

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