Estates and Buildings

Estate Office

The maintenance of all buildings in the campus and in the hostels including Canteen, Security, Medical Clinic Arrangements Empanelment of Hospitals, Housekeeping, Civil, Electrical, Garden along with Waste management are being carried out by the Estate office. This includes coordination with the Security department for safety measures, day-to-day minor repair works such as Electrical works, Plumbing works, Water supply & Sanitary works, Carpentry, Power issues, BSNL Telephone lines, Liaison with Civic authorities, and Government officials, etc.

Waste Management

Looking at the hygienic point of view in the campus, the Estate Office has been operating cleaning & waste segregation work in the campus and in the hostels.

Garden Maintenance

The RRI garden has been uniquely created to blend open spaces and buildings, with vegetation maintained inadequately wild condition for the maintenance of biodiversity, with pest control solutions and yet be pleasing aesthetically.

Estate Work Request

Complaint(s) related to Civil/Maintenance work at the Lab /Section / Office / Hostel / Quarters etc., is (are) required to be sent to the Estate Office, as per the online format (on the intranet) only.

On submission of the form, the requisition is directly mailed to @email and the acknowledgment will be sent to your email id entered in the form.



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