Vignyana Kathegalu

Commenced on the National Science Day 2022, this is a quarterly popular science talk presented by noted scientists and domain experts. These lectures will be live streamed via the RRI official YouTube channel for the benefit of the wider scientific community.

Environment friendly plasma technologies for industrial and societal applications
Professor Subroto Mukherjee (Institute for Plasma Research (IPR), Gandhinagar)
Bangalore International Centre Auditorium

The Accelerating Expanding Universe: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, And Einstein's Cosmological Constan
Professor Bharat Ratra (Kansas State University, USA)
Bangalore International Centre Auditorium

The Challenge of Orbital Debris
Dr. Mark J. Matney (NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.)
RRI YouTube Live Link RRI Auditorium

Black Holes in the Universe
Professor Ramesh Narayan (Harvard University, USA.)
Bangalore International Centre Auditorium

Nobel Prize in Physics, 2023
Prof. Reji Philip (Raman Research Institute)
Youtube Live Link Auditorium

If not Earth, where else?
Dr. V Girish (Space Science Programme Office, ISRO)

Atmoic Hydrogen in Galaxies Nine Billion Years Ago
Prof. Nissim Kanekar (National Centre for Radio Astrophysics (NCRA), Pune)

Astronomy everywhere - arts and literature
Dr B S Shylaja (Former Director, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium)

The Nobel Prize In Physics 2022
Prof. Urbasi Sinha (Raman Research Institute)