Astrophysics Seminar

Deciphering Imprints of Accretion-Ejection Around Black Holes: Theory, Observations and Simulation

Speaker: Santanu Mondal (Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bengaluru)

Date and time
Library Block Lecture Hall


Accretion onto black holes of all scales is the inevitable result of gravitational force operating on all types of material surrounding them. This is one of the most fundamental and efficient known processes of conversion of mass to energy in the universe. During this process, copious amount of energy is released in the form of electromagnetic radiation from radio to gamma-ray, relativistic jets, and outflows, yet the causal connection between accretion and ejection is a jigsaw puzzle. In this presentation, I will discuss various aspects of accretion-ejection flows around black holes, spanning both spectral, timing, and polarization domains. Additionally, I will explore the efforts on probing the disk-corona-jet connection during outbursts using past and present facilities. I will also briefly present my other research interests, including the origin of the observed Fermi/eROSITA Bubbles in our Galaxy through numerical simulations, and studying the origin of changing look phenomena in active galactic nuclei. Lastly, I will touch upon my other activities and outline my future research plans using present and upcoming facilities.