Astrophysics Seminar

Galactic Outflows and their Metallicity Gradients

Speaker: Aditi Vijayan (The Australian National University)

Date and time
Library Block Lecture Hall


Multiphase galactic outflows, generated by supernova feedback, are likely also metal-enriched due to incomplete mixing between supernova ejecta and the ambient ISM. This enrichment is likely important to shaping galactic metallicities and metallicity gradients, but a quantitative estimate of it requires high-resolution simulations aimed towards resolving mass, momentum and energy exchanges between the different phases of the outflows. In this context, we will share results from QED simulations conducted using Quokka, a new AMR radiation hydrodynamics code optimised for GPUs. We will discuss the generation and subsequent evolution of multiphase outflows, with particular emphasis on the transport of metals within and between phases, a phenomenon we can study thanks to the parsec resolution that our simulations achieve.