Vignyana Patashala

11 July 2024 - 19 July 2024

Raman Research Institute

A series of Pedagogical Lectures titled “Vignyana Patashala” is delivered by an expert in STEM fields.  The lectures will be at the level of  Undergraduate and Graduate students. 

The title of this set of lectures is "Physics of inflation and reheating" and they will be delivered by Prof. L. Sriramkumar, IIT Madras.

The schedule of the lectures and the topics to be covered in them are provided below and in the poster attached. The lectures are aimed at graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Lecture 1: July 11, 1100-1200 - Physics of inflation and reheating (Overview lecture)
Lecture 2: July 11, 1400-1500 - Hot big bang model and the need for inflation
Lecture 3: July 12, 1100-1200 - Driving inflation with scalar fields
Lecture 4: July 12, 1400-1500 - Classification of perturbations
Lecture 5: July 15, 1100-1200 - Linear, cosmological perturbation theory
Lecture 6: July 15, 1400-1500 - Origin of the primordial perturbations
Lecture 7: July 16, 1100-1200 - Constraints on slow roll inflation
Lecture 8: July 16, 1400-1500 - Generation of features in the inflationary scalar power spectrum
Lecture 9: July 18, 1100-1200 - Epoch of reheating
Lecture 10: July 18, 1400-1500 - Evolution of primary gravitational waves
Lecture 11: July 19, 1100-1200 - Observational imprints of enhanced power on small scales  
Lecture 12: July 19, 1400-1500 - Evolution of the quantum state of the primordial perturbations

Kindly register at the following link (also accessible as a QR code in the poster) to attend these lectures:

The first lecture shall be held in the RRI auditorium and other lectures will be delivered in the Library block lecture hall (in Astro-floor).