Shovan Dutta

Assistant Professor
Theoretical Physics


I use a blend of analytical and numerical approaches to explore novel collective behaviour of interacting bosons and fermions in controllable setups. This work is at the intersection of condensed matter, quantum optics, quantum information, and nonlinear dynamics. I like simple, concrete, visually appealing models that highlight general physical principles.

Broad themes of my research include:

(1) Open quantum systems, particularly how to harness symmetry, drive, and dissipation to create long-range entanglement and other interesting quantum states [e.g., see SD and NR Cooper, PRL 125, 240404 (2020); arXiv],

(2) Collective structures (domain walls, solitons, anyons, etc.) and their dynamics in quantum gases [e.g., see SD and EJ Mueller, PRA 97, 033825 (2018); arXiv],

(3) Developing DMRG and other physically motivated techniques to investigate open problems [e.g., see B Song et al., Nature Physics 18, 259 (2022); arXiv and SD et al., PRL 128, 230401 (2022); arXiv],

(4) Exploring how iconic classical phenomena (limit cycle, chaos, random walks, etc.) manifest in the quantum domain [e.g., see SD and NR Cooper, PRL 123, 250401 (2019); arXiv].