Publications prior to 2022 can be found at the RRI Digital Repository

Effect of doping of organo-soluble carbon dots on ionic relaxation and conductivity of planar anchored cyanobiphenyl based nematic liquid crystal
Priscilla P et al.
Journal of Molecular Structure 1301, 137403 (2024)

Relating an entanglement measure with statistical correlators for two-qudit mixed states using only a pair of complementary observables
Simanraj Sadana, Som Kanjilal, Dipankar Home, and Urbasi Sinha
Quantum Information Processing 23, 138 (2024)

Anomalous dynamical response of non-Hermitian topological phases
Ritu Nehra and Dibyendu Roy
Physical Review B 109, 094311 (2024)

Compact Water-based Microstrip Filters
Keerthipriya Sathish, Arasi Sathyamurthy, Raghunathan Agaram, H.N Nagaraja, Avinash Deshpande, and Shiv Sethi
Microwaves Antennas and Propagation Conference (MAPCON) 2023, 1 (2023)

Many-body quantum chaos in mixtures of multiple species
Vijay Kumar and Dibyendu Roy
Physical Review E 109, L032201 (2024)

Flares during Eclipses of High Mass X-ray Binary Systems Vela X-1, 4U 1700-37, and LMC X-4
Ketan Rikame, Biswajit Paul, Rahul Sharma, V. Jithesh, and T Paul, K
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Low divergence cold-wall oven for loading ion traps
Anand Prakash, Akhil Ayyadevara, E. Krishnakumar, and S. A. Rangwala
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Glassy relaxation in a de Vries smectic liquid crystal consisting of bent-core molecules
Vishnu Deo Mishra, G Pratap, Arun Roy
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Soft and Living Matter: a perspective
Supurna Sinha
The Suropean Physical Journal Special Topics 1, 1 (2024)

Cinnamic acid and biphenyl core calamitic asymmetric molecules: preparation and characterization for mesomorphic properties
Srinivasa H.T., and Hariprasad S.
Phase Transitions 97, 201 (2024)