Sumati Surya

Theoretical Physics


I am a Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Raman Research Institute. I work in the area of classical and quantum gravity and have an associated interest in quantum foundations.

The primary focus of my work has been the Causal Set approach to Quantum Gravity where the spacetime continuum is replaced by a locally finite partially ordered set. The approach is motivated by an important theorem in Lorentzian geometry, the HKMM theorem which states that under very mild causality conditions the causal structure of a spacetime is equivalent to the conformal class of the spacetime.

I am also interested in aspects of classical gravity related to Lorentzian geometry and causal structure. My collaborators include: Nomaan X, Abhishek Mathur, Fleur Versteegen, Stav Zalel, Yasaman Yazdi, Ian Jubb,Lisa Glaser, Will Cunningham, Astrid Eichhorn, David Rideout, Fay Dowker and Rafael Sorkin, among many others.